Insert Windows and Doors
Improve your home and keep the look

This may be a good option if your existing wooden joinery is sound and you want to retain the style of your house. It is not possible to add insert windows to rotten frames.

Key features:

  • Style of your home doesn’t change
  • Windows are aluminium, well sealed and double glazed
  • Thermal efficiency of your home is improved
  • Security of your home is improved
  • You can choose your colour
  • Existing wooden frames, sills etc will need ongoing maintenance and painting.
  • It is more difficult to replace doors into existing frames as they are generally bigger than modern frames
  • Minimal work (if any) required after installation
  • Installation is usually straightforward and completed in 2-3 days for most jobs

How we do it

Step 1

Remove existing timber sashes (the opening windows).

Step 2

Remove all the fixed glass.

Step 3

Remove all the internal timber – we leave just the outside frame in place.

Step 4

Insert new double glazed aluminium window.

Step 5

Weather seal the outside of the new window.

Step 6

Finish the inside and clean.

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