Retrofit Double Glazing Windows and Doors
Improve existing aluminium joinery with double glazing

An option if you have single glazed aluminium joinery and want to improve the thermal efficiency and comfort of your home. We cannot supply retrofit products for wooden frames.

Key features:

  •  Existing frames remain, there is no option to change the colour or configuration
  • Thermal efficiency of your home is improved
  • Fixed glass is removed and replaced with sealed double glazed units
  • New sashes (opening windows) are manufactured so that they can operate with the increased weight of the new glazing.
  • Colour match of existing joinery with new components might not be exact
  • You may need different options for doors
  • May not be suitable for all units e.g. some sliding doors may not be able to carry the increased weight
  • Easy to install with no work required after installation.

How we do it

Step 1

Remove existing glazing and sashes (opening windows) and hardware.

Step 2

Remove existing fixed panes and beads.

Step 3

Remove backing rubber.

Step 4

Install all new backing rubber into frames.

Step 5

Install new double glazed windows and sashes.

Step 6

Install new double glazed fixed panes and beads and clean.

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