Replacement Windows and Doors
You can have it all with performance, design and style

This is likely to be a great option if you want to change the look of your home. Everything is new and manufactured and supplied to meet the current building code. 

Key features:

  • Your new windows and doors can be part of the design of your home
  • You can choose your own style, colour and hardware
  • There are a range of products for you to choose from including uPVC
  • You can change the configuration of your existing windows and doors
  • Thermal efficiency of your home is improved
  • Security of your home is improved 
  • You will need to redecorate and make good around windows and doors after installation
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Installation will cause some disruption and will take several days.

How we do it

Step 1

We fully remove the existing joinery including, facings, flashings and architraves.

Step 2

We prepare the opening with flashing tapes and sill pans ready for the new joinery.

Step 3

The new joinery is installed and is packed, plumb, level and square into the opening before being fixed off to the current NZ Building Code.

Step 4

External head flashings, facings, scribers and sometimes decorative cills are fitted.

Step 5

An internal air seal is applied between the house framing and the new window reveal (this stops airflow and draughts).

Replacement Window Step 6

Step 6

Internal architraves are cut and fitted, then the joinery is cleaned.

Recent Replacement Projects